Plan your marvelous holiday in Seychelles

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Seychelles is bunch of islands located in the Indian ocean. It consists of 115 islands and they are considered having oldest granite in the world. Many islands are
excellent for nature lovers and specialty of it is some of the islands are not inhabited. In Seychelles it has very strict environmental legislations and it is the world leader insustainable tourism. Nearly 50% of the land are under the natural conservation.

Seychelles is a well known and it has a reputation as a country which has protected its flora and fauna. Seychelles are home to about seventy five endemic plant species. There are many kinds of orchids can be found in the islands. More than thousands species of fish have been recorded in the Seychelles.

[adrotate banner=”2″]Seychelles International Airport was opened in the year 1971 and and tourism is an important industry in this country. The plantation sector of the country was earlier dominant but at present tourism industry has dominated that place. International Airport and the Capital Victoria and neighboring island of Prasilin and La Digue are situated in Archipelago cluster around the main island of Mahe. Within these Inner islands contain the majority of tourism facilities of Seychelles as well as its most eye-catching beaches. Seychelles holiday can be organized through a tour operating company or through a Travel Agent in your country or in Seychelles. You can directly reserve hotel rooms in Seychelles.

Seychelles has to offer so much of diversity to the travelers who visit Seychelles and you have to decide where to start your journey. If you discuss with a travel agent you can work out a itinerary which will help you to make the most of your holiday in a logical way. It will enable you to enjoy a wide range of experiences from primordial forests and beautiful beaches. Holistic therapy center named Wishing Well Clinic is located just opposite the international airport of Mahe and it offers holistic healing hypnotherapy and aromatherapy. List of therapies they are providing can be found in their website www.transorm-therapies. Seychelles has to offer holiday makers unparallel opportunities for big games, popping, jigging, bottom and fly fishing and snorkeling amid turtles, mantas and dolphins.

Elegant yachting offers and impressive fleet of vessels and that will assure you a memorable sea journey. Tequila Boom located in the North of Mahe at Beau Belle is well known for night life and night club is well equipped with the modern lighting and sound systems. Hottest music and it is famous for theme nights. Local and international artists are participating in shows in the night club. Praslin’s World Heritage–listed Vallée de Mai is one of only two places in the world you can watch coco de mer palms growing in their natural state and you can see more than 50 other indigenous plants and trees. Bird lovers also like Vallée de Mai as a top bird watching spot. You can also see endemic species, including the Seychelles bulbul, the blue pigeon, the Seychelles warbler and the elusive black parrot.

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