Guide to budget travelers to Seychelles

Seychelles islands are rich in tropical plants including coco-de-mer. You can sea giant tortoises in their natural habitat and spot various species numerous tropical birds. It is a major attraction for bird lovers on Bird Island. When you visit Seychelles as a tourist if you need cheap accommodation this is a guide for budge travelers. You can find affordable accommodation in Seychelles. There are plenty of budget Seychelles accommodation to choose from Seychelles islands. You can enjoy the community tourism and experiencing Seychelles culture at its best. You can use this article to find your proffered accommodation .

[adrotate group=”3″]Dan Kazou is located in Island name La Digue and it is family run self catering service and it has two bed rooms with a kitchenette. It has a veranda and is located close to the beach They are providing bicycles on request and you can contact them on tel : + 248 2 56 45 89 and fax + 248 4 23 50 79 and their email address is [email protected]

Garden hut is located in the Island of Mahe in Mt Posee Road Mahe in Au Cap District and it has one room only and it is ideal for general guests. It has a garden and it is only 10 minutes drive to the most popular Fairland and Anse Royale beaches. You can contact them on + 248 4 41 55 46 and their email address is [email protected]

La Casa Sorento has 4 rooms located in Sorento , Glacis only minutes away from the Beau Vallon Beach. This is air-conditioned accommodation and equipped with a kitchen , living room and two master bed rooms on ground floor and two bedrooms on the top floor with bathroom and balcony with ocean view. It is in close proximity to the main road walking distance from shops and restaurants. They will also offer you spa treatment and car rental service on your request. You can contact them on + 248 426 12 71. Their e-mail address is [email protected]

Vila Verte is located in Anse Gulette La Digue in La Digue island and it has three rooms .It has a large veranda runs across the front of the house offering fine views of the sea and nearby islands. It has modern entertainment system with TV and DVD .You can contact them on telephone + 248 4 34 43 34 and their e-mail address is [email protected] In the event you need further information you can visit their website

The Marble Villa is located in Aux Cap Mahe. It has three bed rooms situated on the mountain overlooking the sea. It is situated close to the reef gold course about five minutes from the beach and airport. The living area includes flat screen TV DVD fridge with freezer, toaster, microwave oven, washing machine and dish washer. They offer laundry services free of charge. You can contact them on + 248 2 74 30 48. Their fax number is + 248 4 32 37 65 You can e-mail them on [email protected]

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