What to see in Seychelles


You are looking for inspiration for your honeymoon or your holiday?Then such ideal places in Seychelles will be the main draws:

  1. Aldabra

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Aldabra is the world’s largest atoll. In this place, you can see giant land tortoises (there are about 150,000 tortoises in all). Recently, some tortoises have been exported to Curieuse, now a reserve for giant tortoises. Aldabra consists of 13 islands which make up about one-third of the Seychelles’ land mass.

  1. Anse Lazio, Praslin

Rated as one of the best beaches in the world by Giorgio Armani, Ansense Lazio deserves a special mention. Without any doubt, the powder-white sands fringed with large granite boulders are truly the place to kick back and enjoy the peace and views. The clear, warm turquoise seas are an invitation to snorkel.


  1. Anse Major, Mahé

Other amazing invitation is Ansen Major, which is only accessible on foot or by boat. If you don’t fancy the trek, seek out one of the island’s other 70 white-sand beaches, fringed with lush vegetation and coconut palms. It’s an amazing experience.

  1. Bird Island, Praslin, Mahé

With countless hatching sites, you’re in with a good chance of watching a hawksbill turtle lay her eggs here. Just imagine how exciting it is when you see the turtle upping her flippers to shovel sand into the hole with the eggs, she lies exhausted before dragging her enormous bulk over the sands and disappearing into the turquoise sea.

  1. Cousin, Bird & Aride islands

Coming this Islands, you will easily take photograph of the rare species on Cousin. The brush warbler, the Seychelles toc-toc and the fairy tern are among 1.25 million birds that nest here during April and May. However, remember to be part of an organised tour to see them. On Bird island, millions of sooty terns breed between May and October, while colonies of seabirds visit Aride from October to April.


  1. Frégate

This Robinson Crusoe island is home to the almost extinct magpie robin and many other bird species. Considered as the most easterly and isolated of the granitic islands, Frégate is an unspoilt vegetation and you must also have seen some picture-postcard beaches such as Anse Victorin or Anse Macquereau.

  1. Mahé Tour

A trip to the Seychelles is never complete without a visit to Mahé island, where you will take in the market, the Botanical Gardens (with Coco-de-mer, giant tortoises and orchids), and the replica of London’s Vauxhall Bridge Tower Clock in Victoria, before setting off around the island to visit colonial-style mansions in graceful decline and plantations of cinnamon and vanilla.


  1. Vallée de Mai, Praslin

This park has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may know that Vallée de Mai is the unique place in the world where you will find the rare coco de mer palm. This palm produces the largest nut in the world. The place is also home to some rare birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, fruit pigeon, and the black parrot.

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