Seychelles: The Go-To Holiday Destination for Celebrities

Are you planning to go on a holiday anytime soon?

For sure, you will be overwhelmed with the multiplicity of the destinations you can visit, each with a promise of an experience you will never forget. Among others, however, one of the best would be Seychelles, which has gained a reputation in the past for being frequented by high profile celebrities, not only for family vacations, but even for honeymoon. For many people, Seychelles is chosen because of having plentiful of beautiful and secluded beaches, unique culture, attractive flora and fauna, and world-class cuisine. For some, however, they simply want to visit Seychelles because it has been visited by many of the celebrities they idolise, including those mentioned below.

Who’s been to Seychelles?

If you have been to Seychelles before, it is easy to understand why many celebrities have chosen such for their vacation. If you have not, the famous people who have fallen in love with Seychelles should give you sufficient reason to book a plane ticket now and enjoy the experience it has to offer.

When George Clooney and Amal Clooney got married recently, the international media have been interested in learning about the private details of the event, such as where their honeymoon will be. Many were no longer surprised when they learned it was in Seychelles since it has been a common choice for many high-profile couples in the past. According to several reports, George paid for a luxury villa with a cost of $5,000 per person, per night. Different travel magazines have called the resort where they stayed to be the most expensive hotel in the world.

Seychelles has also been the place of choice during the honeymoon of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Although the location was initially kept as a secret, details have been revealed through research by people from the media. In a private villa in Seychelles, the couple spent 10 days, not necessarily away from the eyes of the public since a couple of paparazzi shots have been also released showing how the two are enjoying their supposed to be private island getaway.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been also seen vacationing in Seychelles, along with their kids. During their vacation, they also held a pretend wedding to grant the request of their children to see them marry. The couple has enjoyed Seychelles a lot and in fact, they were the one who recommended the island to their friend, George Clooney.

With all of these celebrity visitors having had the chance to enjoy Seychelles, you are now most probably convinced how beautiful the place is. By simply going online and looking at the pictures of this tropical hidden gem, you will also surely end up drooling and itching to travel soon.

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