What to do in Seychelles


Having believed as a paradise for lovers with various delicious cuisines, beautiful beaches and excellent services, Seychelles is also a favored destination for whom, those are seeking for abundance of interesting activities. Some out-standing ones will be listed as follows:

  1. General outdoor activities:

Enjoying a hot and humid climate with an average temperature around 29 census degree, Seychelles is considered as a perfect place for visitors who desire an ideal environment for relaxing and resting with various activities. Swimming, boating, and fishing seem to be the mostly recommended activities here. Those should be undertaken in the early morning or under the sunset when you can make the most of tranquility ever find as well as the favorable climate in this “paradise”. Anse Lazio, Parashin, or Beau Valolon beach where are likely to be untouched by human’s influences are among the best choices for those activities.

  1. Water sports:

Exploring some kinds of water sports will impress your mind with incredible experiences including power boat, catamaran or sailboat… Windsurfing would be suggested in the period of time during May and October when the trade wind blows hard.

Scuba diving or snorkeling can be done in almost anywhere in Seychelles, however the Baie Ternay Marine National Park located in Mahe island is most popular because of its fantastic marine life with at least 100 different kinds of fish in many beautiful colors such as tropical fish, sea turtles, eagle rays ….. If luckily, you also see the whale shark when visiting the island on September.


  1. Hiking

For the adventure seekers, hiking is a challenging activity which requires endurance and resistance.  Morne Seychellois National Park in Victoria serves as a perfect path for visitor, who is eager to explore the nature with the luxuriant vegetation of the tropical forest including carpet grass, wooden platforms…, together with creature like snails, slugs, birds…. The hike seems to be more challenge and funnier with some obstacles along the trail when participants were required to navigate through fallen trees, huge tree-trunks lying horizontal, or small water streams as well. Moreover, water falls on the Cassedent Hike is also a wise choice for the journey. Visitor can enjoy the lovely fresh water running through   a small cave like a worthy prize for their efforts. The hike should be carried out at the hottest time of the day when you cannot stay on the beaches.

  1. Sightseeing:

Not only does the Seychelles allure the tourist by its endless line coast, blue water and pretty sunlight, this place also deserves as a special mention with its abundant nature. Seychelles National Botanical garden is the only place where the visitors can eye witness the legendary trees- the coco-de-mer (or double coconut). They must be absolutely delighted with the special appearance of the fruits. Furthermore, you can find out many others strange native creatures such as the fruit bats which have a thriving colony in the garden, the giant tortoises which you can see them up close and feed them, absolutely with a small fee. Besides, Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden is also a well worth the visit with abundant spices growing in nature comprising vanilla, peppercorns, cinnamon, or many other fruits.


  1. Shopping

The capital Vitoria and the city center offer a best place for shopping. Outlets on the island fails to win the major attraction of the visitors, yet, some classic and traditional Seychelles souvenirs handmade by local artists and woodwork or the coco-de-mer ( a nut from a kind of native trees to the islands in the Seychelles) would be the extraordinary gift for your friends.

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