The Return of Josephine Beroard: An Exciting Reason to Attend the Festival Kreol

Seychelles, being one of the founding members of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP), has been active in the promotion of different activities for the purpose of being able to enhance the tourism in the country. As a means of increasing the rate of tourist arrival, one of the most relevant activities to date is the Festival Kreol, which has been around for several decades now. Year after year, it draws a huge crowd to the country, making it possible to expose not only the atheistic beauty of the country, but also genuine talent from those who will be performing during the festival.

The Most Important Event in Seychelles

While there are many celebrations being held in Seychelles from time to time, most of which are geared towards enhancing tourism, the Festival Kreol is believed to be the most significant in their cultural calendar. It presents them with the perfect opportunity to send a message to the world and to be known about who they really are. True enough, many of those who have been in the festival in the past years found them returning and even bringing more friends to have the same experience as theirs.

Those who have had a chance to experience Festival Kreol cannot give a definite word on what exactly makes it unique and worth your time. Some would say it is the good music from the performers while some would believe it is the opportunity to sample their food. For most, however, it is simply being able to commune with the festival itself and making new friends.

Jocelyne Beroard is back

This year’s instalment of Festival Kreol is one for the books, which is basically because of the return of Jocelyn Beroard. For more than two decades, she and other members of the band have not been seen performing after they bid farewell for all of those who loved them. From the time they have arrived at the airport, they were given a warm welcome by fans that are very much eager to see them perform again after the longest time. A lot of people are undeniably missing their music, which is why the announcement of their inclusion in the line-up of performers instantly drew more attention about the festival, making tickets sell like pancakes. Their band, Kassav, made the event more memorable; with a lot of people looking forward to what will the organisers do in the next years to surpass its achievements in this year’s festival.

While the return of Kassav on the stage has been the highlight of Festival Kreol, it is still its entirety that makes it special. It is one of those events wherein you will end up excited, making you wish you can fast forward time and make next year happen earlier.

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