Seychelles will hold Food & Hotel Seychelles this November

The first International Food and Hotels Trade Fair will happen in November, offering a three day exhibition of different food products and services offered by world class resorts located around the world. This Food & Hotel Seychelles 2014 event promises to be a very memorable event.

The focus of the event itself is to provide better communication and facilitate trade between the over 400 hotels and exhibitors that are expected to attend. The Seychelles are considered the main focal point of transit to the sub continent of Africa. At this event, entrepreneurs from all over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the marketplace of the islands, but also of neighboring countries such as Mauritius and Madagascar as well.

Tourism and cultural Minister of the Seychelles Alain St. Ange will oversee the event and act as host to the many different representatives that are expected. Expected to be the largest gathering of its type in the Seychelles, this food and hotel summit will offer the chance for observing the practices from other countries, enjoy the taste of their food and see the many different services offered in the hotel trade.

The exhibition is expected to benefit both local and international interests as it will be a process of learning, but also one of fun and exploration as the participants learn more about what other countries have to offer in area of tourism.

Organized at the National Sports Council, the event expects to draw in different entrepreneurs and establishments from the Indian Ocean as even Singapore to the African communities as well as they gather in this natural hub which various meetings, seminars and exhibits can take place. At this ideal location, Minister St. Ange offers the proposition of how much can be learned from each of the participants and what can be used to take back to their countries.

There will be different food and beverages that will be introduced which will not only offer a taste of different cultures, but also new ideas as to what can be introduced in different hotels as well. Plus, there will be a demonstration of services and how it is all conducted by the participants so that new methods can be learned.

By encouraging more understanding through the demonstration of what each country has to offer, the hope is that the new ideas generated will lead to an improvement in the food and hotel section of the tourism industry across Africa and the Indian Ocean as well. Considering the wider range of quality products that will be presented, it will be of great interest for those attending to see what is being offered and the new ideas it will generate.

For the Seychelles in particular, the Food & Hotel Seychelles 2014 event will be of tremendous benefit to the introduction of new information as well as the boost to the local economy. The Seychelles offers a natural junction point between the African and Asian continents and the many island nations in the region. By joining together at this special event, this part of the world will greatly benefit.

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